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Dynamic Data Race Detection Through the Fine-Grained Lens

with Umang Mathur, Andreas Pavlogiannis  


On the PTAS for Maximin Shares in an Indivisible Mixed Manna

with Ruta Mehta, Setareh Taki (All women author team!) 

AAAI 2021 [Arxiv]

Approximating Maximin Shares with Mixed Manna 

with Ruta Mehta, Setareh Taki (All women author team!)

EC 2021 [Arxiv] 

Approximating Nash Social Welfare under Submodular Valuations through (Un)Matchings 

with Jugal Garg, Pooja Kulkarni

SODA 2020 [Paper]

Nash Equilibrium in smoothed polynomial time for Network Coordination Games 

with Shant Boodaghians, Ruta Mehta

ITCS 2020, also invited for a short talk at a workshop at FOCS 2018 [Arxiv]

Octahedral Tucker is PPA-Complete 

with Xiaotie Deng, Zhe Feng

preprint [ECCC]